Thank you for taking the time to learn about what the Boys & Girls Club is all about. We believe that all members and their parents/guardians can benefit from the information in this section. 

Learn more about BGCA's safety and policy actions.

Core Beliefs:

- A safe place to learn and grow 

- Ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals 

- Life-enhancing programs 

- Character development experiences 

- Hope & opportunity

Open Door Policy:

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Arkansas River Valley have an open door policy. This policy allows members to come and go at any time during the Club's operating hours. It is the responsibility of the child and the parent/guardian to determine, understand and enforce whatever arrival and department methods they see fit. parents/guardians must come in to pick up their child. Please note that youth are not allowed on the Club's grounds during operating hours unless they are signed in and participating in the Club activities. Members should not be dropped off prior to opening of any facility, or remain after closing, as the Club cannot be held responsible for the supervision of such youth. 


Our staff are trained Youth Development Professionals. trained volunteers often support our staff. A staff member and/or trained volunteer will oversee each of our designated program areas. Please take the time to remind your child of that they need to follow Club rules and directions at all times whether said directions are given by a staff member or a volunteer. 

Personal Belongings:

All personal belongings brought into the Club by a youth are the responsibility of that youth. The Boys & Girls Clubs is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items. Please discourage your child from bringing anything to the Club that is not completely necessary. Necessary items, such as backpacks and jackets should be clearly marked with the member's name.